It was all hunky dory before she entered into my life, basically i am a simple guy with simple tastes mostly a dreamer like any another person, I too had friends who love to hang out after college and tease girls for fun but never did I imagine that I would later be tormented by one in the name of love? Huh!! Where to start my demented torture who is to be blamed for this undefined pain in the heart? the social networking sites or plainly me for being so weak hearted, it all began with orkut a platform where people lead a second life by literally spending their valuable times chatting with strangers and worthless communities and i was no exception, I whiled away my time in this virtual world leaving the reality to itself it , orkut was my world it had somehow woed me and embraced me.
Graduating form college is the worst thing that can happen to student, the golden days of squandering time takes a back seat , And suddenly you realize there are a lot of people who give you loads of advices on how to secure a job , any ways i struggled and got a job 0f repute so where else to share my happiness but in the imaginary world i know that is communities of orkut .
She had a pretty dp and a catchy name for a user, which definitely made me believe that she was a mysterious girl, she wished me for getting a job and I too responded with a thanks out of courtesy. I never interacted much with her as I was busy with my pretentious world and was content with it. I don’t know what made her sent a friend request which made me stop and think about her since pretty much I had a lot of time since I was waiting for my date of joining and since she was a college going girl we spent many late nights chatting over the net , within a span of time we became good friends the trust level was so much that we started exchanging pictures and phone numbers after which our conversations was not restricted to online but sms and calls as well .
The first meet was at the scenic vizag , she had come to her relatives house for a visit and this paved way for a rendezvous with me as well , we exchanged smiles and greetings after which we planned for a movie unexpectedly , I summoned all the courage and proposed to her in the dull background of the movie being played .Since she was a girl of different cast and me another she was hesitant at first but later she obliged I was happy so happy that words could not express .
The love for her has developed so much that I felt that I could not live without it her love was like a elixir for me which always rejunivated me . But my happiness was a ephemeral one it lasted like a perennial rainfall, I was deported to Hyderabad for my training I didn’t knew how to react that is to feel happy since I got a job or to feel devastated for leaving her behind then again I choose to leave for Hyderabad with a gaping hole in my heart .I tried my best to act brave in front of her but she found out and comforted me.
I was depressed I needed to meet her by any means so I formulated a plan to meet her secretly it was a perfect meet the weather was fine, the air smelt good the world looked pretty much good to me after a few day later my world was turned upside down her father found out about our relationship status she stopped messaging me and gave me hints to forget about her I tried my best to convince her but in vain. But her saying that she was getting married made my heart break into a million pieces
And so this is what resulted me in writing this abridged version of my love story !!


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